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The Dad's Workshop Program is designed to enhance the role father's play in their kids' lives and stress the importance of being an active father.

   Dad's Workshop sessions will be in a group setting or in a one-on-one home-based program, teaching men the characteristics they need to be good fathers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

   Changing fathers' attitudes, knowledge, and skills. Equipping fathers with the self-awareness, compassion, and sense of responsibility that every good parent needs.

          Topics Covered

  • Family History

  • What It Means To Be A Man

  • Showing and Handling Feelings

  • Men's Health

  • Communication

  • The Father's Role 

  • Discipline

  • Children's Growth

  • Working With Mom

  • Dealing With Anger

  • Competition and Fathering

  • Fun With The Kids

Dad and Son Biking
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